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Allegra Printing close competitor in the same building the Allegra Complex. Competitive you bet yet we have always kept the competition professional and friendly. Referrals and business has gone both directions and it’s simply this; when we are busy a bottleneck is something we just don’t feel comfortable with as it means delays for out print customers end product delivery. Allegra delivers printed products of a calabre our print customers have come to expect from The Letter Shop as well. Allegra’s attention to detail, their customers service and professionalism often exceeding expectations.

Thanks to Todd and all the team at Vancouver Printing.

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Satisfaction both in our print service and our printed products are our badges of honor. Allegra works tirelessly to achieve repeat business and referrals by providing above standard printed products. Our team of print consultants have many years of experience and knowledge backed up with love of our industry. If you can imagine it we can print it. Let us help you take your printed projects to the next level.

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